AKG K 701 Headphones Review

The AKG K701 Headphones are the latest release to their high-quality headphones products, and they certainly don’t disappoint.  These headphones take all that is great from previous AKG releases and adds a few new and innovative technical features like the Varimotion diaphragm and flat wire coil which improve the sound on these headphones significantly. Let’s get right to the important parts of the AKG K 701 Headphones review, shall we?

AKG K701 Studio Headphones


These headphones have a great neutral sound.  Unlike many other headphones, the bass does not overpower the rest of the music.  You simply get an excellent reproducing the original sound the artist envisioned which is exactly what any audiophile will want.  If a song should have lots of bass, you won’t be disappointed because the K 701’s have great, deep sounding bass.  If on the other hand, a song was only originally meant to have slight background bass, the headphones won’t over power the bass making it sound improper.  These headphones are perfect for any types of music from rap to classical.


I find these headphones to be very comfortable with soft ear pads and firm but not overly tight top head band.  I have worn these listening to music for hours at a time while studying and was not uncomfortable in the least.   The K 701 Headphones are lighter than they appear which to me is a good thing as it seems to add to the comfort.  I’ve had them for a while and used them extensively, and they have not broken at all, so I don’t believe their lightweight frame is any indication that they are at all breakable.


I love the look of these headphones. I got the silver ones, and they will stand out in any situation.  The bright silver outer edges go great with the darker silver or grey ear pads and cord to make this one of the best-looking sets of headphones on the market today.  I describe the look of them to be ‘modern retro’ which may be a bit of a contradiction, but I think it fits well.  However you describe them, they are great headphones

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