The Asus GL553: Among the Best Rated Laptops

If you are looking to make your FIFA 18 experience better, you know just having a gaming laptop won’t work. You need the right peripherals to optimize your video game experience – a wireless controller maybe?


Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop


So, what is it that will help you make the right gaming laptop choice? Here are some pointers.


The graphics card

ASUS GL553You don’t just need an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card; you need one that offers at least 3-4 GB of it.


The battery

You want your gaming laptop to run for at least 5-6 hours – even more. Anything below 5 hours is something you would want to take a hard look at.


The Processor and RAM

Does it offer the latest processor? How fast is it? You want an Intel 7th gen to power it, and at least 8 GB of RAM – preferably 16!


The Peripherals and connectivity

You need a good number of USB ports. Preferably a Blu-ray drive. And more.


Presenting the Asus ROG STRIX GL553

The Asus ROG STRIX GL553 is reviewed by topprobe’s 10 of the best gaming laptops under 1500 – a buyer’s guide and facts and they recommend you to consider if you are looking for bang for your buck. Asus states it to be offering as much as 75% better performance over its previous generation. Add to it the RGB Aura keyboard that looks stunning and the newly redesigned body, and you are sure to fall in love with it before you know!



  • GL553VD Gaming NotebookExcellent performance
  • Desirable design
  • High-end screen quality
  • Desirable keyboard
  • Recommendable touchpad



  • Average battery life
  • A bit noisy
  • Average build though it comes with a great keyboard
  • Disappointing battery life
  • Average audio quality


Before starting off with the review, I would like you to know that this is my personal opinion about the product and may vary with others.


However, before buying you will need to look at different factors, and what makes this Asus model among the best-rated laptops today.


Features and Benefits

Asus ROG Strix GL553VEWhat are the features that make the GL533 among the best-rated laptops today? Here is a look.


Design and build quality:

As you expect from an average priced gaming laptop, the all new Asus ROG STRIX GL553 does not do any fancy work or any remarkable updating that needs any elaboration. It is no sleek and lender gaming model.


However, it would surely be very rude if we neglect to appreciate its splendid work on game-centric features. These come with nice neon-orange highlights, lit-up, the ROG logo, the RGB keyboard backlighting and finally the neon touchpad.


When it comes to build-quality you may give it a half-way marks, neither too poor nor hi-fi. I, in particular, did not like the idea of providing more than a required flex on the keyboard. You may also find the gap between the top and bottom of the chassis to be slightly annoying. Again, when it comes to weight it is of a solid 2.5 kg which is anything but surely not very portable.


Keeping in mind its weight, I would not personally recommend the model for its build. However, when it comes to design, I think it may be performing well for hard-core gamers who like that Asus ROGextra feel of punch from their gaming device.


Processor and Storage

It comes with 1 TB of HDD storage, and while you don’t get any SSD on offer, you would love the 7th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor that comes with as much as 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 1050 graphics.


Keyboard and touchpad performance:

When it comes to the keyboard I think it is fairly a good performer. The buttons are large and well-spaced. The product is equipped with an extra shortcut key to take you to the Asus ROG Gaming Center software directly.


Adding an extra feature to this is the LED lighting that allows you the access to choose any 4 colors concurrently as you like it to be. The typing performance of the keyboard is also very good. I had taken a typing test and scored a fair point of 57 wpm where my usual typing speed is around 55 wpm. The long key press of the product and the punchy sound after each type adds to the satisfaction.


The touchpad is one of the best performing devices I have come across in some time. Certified by Microsoft as precision perfect, you may find it seamless to perform some of the most complicated motions, a feature that most cost-effective gaming sets lack.


Gaming Laptop ReviewAs a whole, the keyboard and the touchpad are one of the best performing peripherals of the whole set. I had a very good experience while using the keyboard.


Screen performance:

Asus has done a phenomenal job in the new ROG STRIX GL553 when it comes to screen quality. Loaded with a 15.6-inch dimension display, and full HD panel with vibrant colors and higher relative brightness almost touching 314 nits, it is one of the best performing low-cost gaming display found in the present market.


The screen may definitely give you major crushes especially ate the price it is being offered. I had watched Charlie’s Angels: Full throttle on the screen and the resolution were just amazing. Each of the minute color details was extremely visible. Plus the brightness was not paining on the eyes. Instead, it felt truly real.


The battery life though is disappointing. ASUS talks about the machine offering around 5 hours of battery juice – it barely makes past three.


Audio quality:

While you say about sound quality, it might prove to be working fine for your daily music and movie dialogues. However, the bass provided here is just not ample to support a high-resolution audio gaming experience. It lacks the depth in the long term, a mandatory aspect of gaming audio.

I would say that the audio quality is not bad. However, as it claims to be a gaming specialist, the bass should have been much higher.


Social Proof

  • Some users complained about the good number of updates that you have to install after bringing home one, but that’s pretty much what you can expect from most laptops today.
  • Users love that it is reliable and sturdy, and could play games like Overwatch seamlessly.
  • Great for multitasking for most users, who can accomplish both their gaming needs and school work on it.

Strix GL553VD Review




Acer Predator Helios 300 – You’re choice if you’re looking for more processor speed and a DDR4 RAM.


ROG STRX GL502Vm – One of the thinner options for you out there and the latest DDR5 RAM. A good alternative.


Lenovo Y520 – Low on the processor speed but extremely budget friendly and does manage to pull through most of the modern games with ease.



I think at the price this best-rated laptop is on offer, it might not be a bad option to consider for your gaming aspirations.

  • It’s competitively priced for what it has to offer.
  • Offers good amount of RAM and a great graphics card
  • You would love the RGB Aura keyboard
  • The extensive connectivity option is worth a mention too