Beats Studio headphones

The Beats Studio headphones are designed in by Dr Dre in collaboration with Monster. They are designed for hip hop, rap and rock fans that like bass. The trendy styling and quality construction target an urban lifestyle audience. The headphones use high-quality materials including soft and breathable material for the earpieces, scratch-resistant gloss finish and Monster iSoniTalk cables with gold-plated adapters and plugs. Despite all these features, the headphones have active noise cancellation and are highly portable.


  • Excellent Bass, ideal for bass fans
  • Attractive, hip design and styling
  • Quality materials and leather cushion
  • Quick mute button on right side of headphone
  • Sound amplified for portable devices


  • Less depth and stage feel, perhaps due to bass muddiness.
  • Expensive


  • Headphone form: Fold-flat, around-ear, ear-cups
  • Weight: 9.52 oz (with batteries)
  • Battery: 2 AAA (included)

beats wireless over ear headphones


Reviewer compares the Beats Studio headphones with the Sennheiser HD-595 Premier. He finds that the bass is impressive, product is stylishly designed, quality materials are used and product has noise cancellation. He also mentions some interesting features such as amplification of sound for low powered portable devices and the quick mute button on the right side that mutes when pressed and un-mutes when released. He also likes the leather cushion of the earpieces and the headphone cord being only on the left side.

Kiyo M.

The reviewer explains that these Beats Studio headphones are designed with hip hop and an urban environment in mind. The muddy sound and bass are part of the design.  He notes that the headphones are specialized for this purpose but are still good for listening to other forms of music. He recommends trying a pair of these headphones before buying. The reviewer considers these to be the best headphones he has ever owned. He notes that he listens to a wide spectrum of music genres. He considers the build quality to be top notch. He mentions the ability to temporarily mute audio by pressing the side of the headphones and considers this to be a brilliant touch.

W.C. Bryant

The reviewer is a collector of headphones. He considers the bass to be clean and pleasant but somewhat exaggerated. He finds the treble to be slightly, while the middle is even more, underrepresented. Reviewer finds headphones to be diminutively muddy. The biggest drawback mentioned by the reviewer is the missing sound stage. He gives an overall above average score for the headphones.

J. Genson “bit monkey,”



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