Headphone Extension Cables

You’ve spent an awful lot of time researching the perfect headphones to buy. You have just taken them out of the box, and although it shipped with what seems like an inordinate number of accessories, you realise that you need more. This is because there are no perfect headphones and no complete set of headphone accessories. Even with premium brands, you will always need to purchase additional accessories for your headphones. Here’s a list of the most important ones that you will need to get:

Headphone Extension Cables

Headphone Extension

For some reason, most headphones ship with cables that can barely reach your desktop computer. So unless you had already anticipated this by ordering extra headphone extension cables, the chances are that you will have to put for one. Now before you order your headphone extension cables, make sure that you measure not only the distance to your desktop but also the distance to the sound source in your home theatre system. If you don’t, you might find that the headphone extension cables you ordered are just a tiny bit too short of reaching the sweet spot in front of your large-screen LCD TV. So unless you want taut headphone extension cables strung between your sweet spot and the entertainment unit, be careful when ordering your headphone extension cables.

Cable Retractors for Headphone Extension Cables

Since you might at some point, rearrange your entertainment room, you might as well be generous with length when ordering headphone extension cables. If you are worried that extra-long headphone extension cables will only get tangled up, then order a wire retractor. Like most cables for portable devices, headphone extension cables have wires with too small gauge. These headphone extension cables not only tend to tangle, but they are also easily damaged when carefully rolled for storage. A centre-winder type retractor is perfect for headphone extension cables as well as any cable which both ends need to be connected to something else.

Adapters for Headphone Extension Cables

It is also a good idea to buy extra adapters for your headphone extension cables so that you can use with different-sized jacks. If your headphone extension cables came with a 1/8″ adapter, then buy a 1/4″ adapter and vice versa.

Headphone Splitters and Extra Headphone Extension Cables

Splitters are also a necessary accessory if you like to have your next door neighbour come over to play your favourite game without disturbing the rest of the house or your apartment complex. A splitter will easily allow you to plug in two headphones when listening to music on long commutes so you can share it with your best friend. And since a splitter will also work with your home theatre system, you should also seriously consider buying extra headphone extension cables. Having extra headphone extension cables on hand will mean you and your wife or your date can watch a movie in romantic silence without waking the kids or your parents.

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