Top Headphone reviews: Prestigio PHS1 headphone review

New line of headphones  by Prestigio, refreshed headphones design and excellent performance. This headphones are compact and solid comfortable for extended use. Sound quality is excellent and we especially liked the bass, microphone and a very nice voice, without interference of ambient noise.

Prestigio has recently refreshed its range of headphones and headset, and we move to introducing the smallest model PHS1. These headphones are designed for use in VoIP communications, games and listening to music or watching movies. Prestigio has little changed the design of this new series that will be identified by brown colour headphones themselves. As usual, the periphery of the combined company’s high-quality production, outstanding performance and price are very competitive. The market of these headsets has a lot of choices and will not be easy, and we will do our best to see what it Prestigio offers over the competition.

Prestigio PHS1 

Key Features 

  • Refreshed design 
  • Excellent production 
  • Clean and excellent quality sound 


Interface: 2 x 3.5mm
Cable 2.2m
Sensitivity and Impedance Headset: 93dB, 32ohm

Prestigio PHS1 headset Headphones
Prestigio PHS1 

This model is slightly smaller in size, 55x150x185 mm and weighing 137g, so the best for those who prefer a small and lightweight headset that can be worn long. They are made of glossy black plastic with silver elements, and the brown coating on the headphones themselves, which are of artificial skin (called the manufacturer of this inventive leatherette). The headset can be rotated and make, so a little more convenient to carry. The plastic part that fits on the head from the top can be adjusted according to the volume of the head, but not set so that you may begin to blister after an extended period of wear. The headset is placed or thicker sponge and is comfortable enough.

The microphone is located on the flexible base, on the basis that is rotated so that it can be easily removed when not in use. The cable is 2.2m in length, with a volume control (which have all headset this series), and finally, there are two 3.5mm connectors for headphones and microphone. Therefore the installation and connection maximum simplified since you only need to connect the headset to make free audio connectors on the front or back of the case. Sound quality is excellent, clean and bright, with bass that is more than suitable for these headphones. The microphone captures the voice of good, and although it is not Noise Cancelling model, did not buy so much background noise.


A headset like this is an excellent choice for those who do not like bulky headphones, but compact and lightweight. The design is slightly updated, regardless of whether you think the combination of black and brown right, the headset looks modern and attractive. Quality made and outstanding features, and the price is adjusted to a wider range of users who can not decide right now for the cheapest model but will look next to the price and build quality and performance.

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